The ‘Asian Wine & Spirit – The Silk Route’ tasting competition is organised by Vinopres and the multidisciplinary team at Concours Mondial who do their utmost to ensure the competition is professional, independent and reliable.

Baudouin Havaux

Chairman of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and managing director of Vinopres, Baudouin Havaux is an agricultural engineer and a trained wine maker. He took over Vinopres, the communications agency founded by his father Louis Havaux, in 1994. He is the publisher of Essentiel Vino! and DM Vino! and is a journalist with ‘La Libre Belgique’ and RTBF.

Thierry Heins

An agricultural engineer and graduate in business management and administration, Thierry Heins has always had a deep-rooted passion for the world of wines and spirits. His particular specialty within Vinopres is spirits: he runs Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and organises a range of media events related to the world of spirits.

Thomas Costenoble

An agricultural engineer and trained wine maker, Thomas Costenoble has managed the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles virtually since its inception. His training as a wine maker gives him in-depth knowledge of the industry and allows him to organize the competition’s tasting sessions seamlessly and efficiently.

Li Zhu

The president of Beijing International Wine & Spirit Exchange co. LTD.

Blandine Philips

Blandine Philips handles all the logistics aspects of the competition: contact with the judges, sample shipments and results processing.

Marc Vanel

Winewriter and journalist Marc Vanel lives in Belgium where he contributes to Vinopres as editorial director of ‘Essentielle VINO!’ magazine. As part of this project, he is in constant contact with several Asian countries.

Géraldine Gérard

Géraldine Gérard speaks French, English and Dutch and has worked for the competition since 2001. She liaises with producers, from entries through to results dispatch.

Ulric Nijs

Globetrotting anthropologist and Mixologist, Ulric is the owner of Bar Face Consultancy, Germany. He has developed important B2B & B2C relationships in the spirit industry.

Rojita Tiwari

India Representative

Rojita Tiwari is  our Agent for India, former associate editor of India’s largest wine & spirits magazine. She is currently working as an independent writer & consultant and contributes to a number of Indian and international websites and magazines. She also runs the award-winning beverage, travel and hospitality-themed blog Drinks & Destinations and curates and conducts training as well as tasting sessions and events. Rojita is a WSET certified professional who has been listed twice as one of the top ten woman of wine in India.